It may seem upon first inspection of the various topics on this blog that this is NOT a blog dedicated to helping athlete “chase their dreams without killing themselves.” However, information in sports tends to especially fragmented. For example, X coach is an expert on “strength,” and his athletes’ 1 rep max’s go through the roof – but their performance on the field, court or track stays the same. We deal with whole people, not only athletes.  Athletes can only train so much of the day, what they do the rest of the time, what they eat, their emotional state, their beliefs about themselves and the role of sports in their lives matter just as much as their training.  To develop as an athlete and to develop as a person are interrelated, usually in a positive way.

This blog may help you see components of performance in a new way, but it may also help you see and reflect on parts of your life that you never even knew were components of performance in the first place!

However, below I have listed all the topics (section tiles are hyperlinks to all the articles on that topic)  that have been discussed on this blog and WHY they are discussed so I am not asking  you to just take my word why a particular topic is an important component of improved athletic performance without any explanation.  You should remain skeptical of all information (even what is on this blog).


This section is pretty self-explanatory it is meant for to provide further discussion about topics specific to basketball players to allow them to elevate their game. However, just because you are not a basketball player does not mean they are not many important lessons you can glean from these articles

Body Composition

I will never delve into how to neurotically get lean so you look like an underwear model (but if you have the right genes and you follow the correct principles on this blog it should be fairly easy) but being lean is absolutely essential to maximizing your potential in your sport. Why? Adipose tissue (fat) is useless in athletic competition. All it does is wear you down and place greater compressive forces on your joints, and unlike muscle it  does not provide any force or energy towards your movements. Your athleticism will soar simply from losing some extra body fat.

Book Reviews

To become the best you can be you need to be constantly learning. A re-occurring trait I observe in all the great people that I study is that they are voracious readers. However, I understand that many people want to be able to apply the high yield principles of amazing books into their lives before they get the chance to read the book in its entirety. That is why I have posted various book reviews so you can get the main idea and action plans from amazing books.

Injury Prevention

Staying healthy is probably the most important factor in determining your athletic success. It does not matter how good you are if you are injured and can not compete. It is essential to take care of your body.


You may be thinking that this does NOT have much to do with athletics. However, I would vehemently disagree. Famed US baseball player Yogi Berra said: “Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.” What did he mean by mental? Did he mean one’s intellect? Of course not. He refers to the essence of us that allows us to enter into the zone, that state of ultimate focus in which it feels like something takes over your body and performs for you. Meditation and Spirituality help develop your brain to more easily allow you to enter this flow state which will allow you to maximize your athletic performance.


We all have those days in which we just feel like giving up on our disciplines and the pursuit of becoming the strongest version of ourselves. Check out these articles if you need that extra spark or inspiration to stay focused and committed to your ideals and goals.

Neuroscience of Achievement

This section was originally written for all my MCAT students that I teach to help best support them reach their goals on test day. However, it has actionable items based on rigorous neuroscience to re-wire your brain for peak performance and happiness.


This again is a very self-explanatory section. The quality of your food is absolutely essential to your performance not only because food provides energy for your body’s processes but also because food is information and can modulate how your genes are expressed. Check out this section if you want to learn how to better design your diet to best support you becoming the strongest version of yourself.

Pavan’s Musings

This is a very personal section in which I contemplate and reflect on current events, or specific things I am struggling with and how I overcame them, in hopes that if your struggling with similar issues these posts may help support you in becoming the best that you can be.

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is this innovate and recent new area of psychology that instead of focusing on how things go wrong with human psychology it focuses on what enables human to live happy and fulfilled lives. It has discovered a stunning finding, success does not precede happiness. Be happy and truly content with this moment, and success will follow. If you want to learn more about this exciting field check out these posts.

Self Development

As stated above, your athletic performance is NOT just solely tired to your athletic ability. All aspects of your life are related and intertwined with your athletic success. Therefore it is important that you strive to be a life long learner and always striving to improve yourself. Check out these posts for actionable items to improve yourself.

Self Education

In my personal experience, lack of knowledge has prevented me from taking the better action that would have allowed me to maximize my potential. Therefore check out these articles if you are looking for that extra edge to help propel you over the top.


Sleep definitely has to be one of the top three most important factors in athletic success. However, it is a factor that is constantly ignored or maligned. Check out these posts if you are interested in learning more about the mystery of sleep, in which we roughly spend 1/3 of our lives doing.

Sports Psychology

Check out this section if you are looking for specific actionable items you can use to improve your performance in athletic competitions.


This again is a very self-explanatory section. Here you will find information that will help support the design of your training sessions.

Chase your Dreams without Killing Yourself,

Pavan Mehat


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