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Pav & Sam met while competing for Boston University’s D1 Track & Field team. Their competitive fire and passion for the sport enabled them to develop a strong friendship. Despite living on opposite sides of the country, they have maintained a lively debate over iMessage on subjects relating to athletics and health, in attempt to distill and understand the tenets of success in athletics and most importantly in life.

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Pavan Mehat is a medical student at the University of British Columbia and has completed his B.Sc. in biomedical engineering summa cum laude from Boston University, and his M.Sc. from UBC. He is passionate about helping others develop a heightened sense well being instead of simply eradicating disease. He uses muscle activation and testing to identify the source of pain and/or athletic limitations to allow his clients to rediscover the joy of pain-free movement. He will no longer be contributing on this blog as he has created his own website. If you enjoyed his posts and/or want to learn more about be-activated make sure to visit: http://www.pavanmehat.com


Sam coaches the jumping and hurdling events for Babson College’s track & field team.  He holds a Master’s in Sports Coaching from Boston University.  A USATF-certified track & field coach, Sam has previously worked as a personal trainer, coach and nutrition/lifestyle consultant under the tutelage of Ukrainian national track & field coach Alex Ponomarenko at Apex Performance in Acton, MA since 2013.  He has also served as a high school coach in both track (Brookline High) and strength & conditioning (English High), as well as working as a running coach to AIM triathlon team.  In addition to coaching, Sam has practiced Zen meditation for  over 6 years, is a licensed physical education teacher and is trained in Douglas Heel’s Be-Activated Techniques.

To learn more about Sam check out his website: https://medium.com/daodesport

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