How Jamal Murray is making March go Mad

Jamal Murray

If you have not heard of the future face of Canada Basketball, you will soon enough once he transitions to the NBA.

I have been closely following Jamal Murray’s progress since word began to spread of a prospect with not only the physical gifts and basketball skills to be a future NBA star, but also the intangibles. Every time I have had the opportunity to watch him compete, I am always blown away by not only his advanced skills and sneaky athleticism but also his poise and composure under the brightest of lights.

There was a wonderful article written on Bleacher Report (read more: Zen and the Art of the Perfect Player) a while ago that made me absolutely certain that Jamal Murray would excel for the Kentucky Wildcats. Surprisingly, he has even exceeded my wildest expectations with his record breaking play. He has broken the University of Kentucky’s freshmen school records for:

  1. Points in a season
  2. Number of consecutive games with a three
  3. The only player in school history to hit a three in his first 25 collegiate games
  4. The highest freshman scoring average

I am certain that many more records will fall down in the coming weeks.

I was inspired to write this post by a sensational piece published in the Toronto Sun (read more: Kentucy’s Jamal Murray finds calm before the storm) yesterday by Chris O’Leary. I absolutely love when journalists critically examine world class performance in a field and attempt to deconstruct it. One of the most pernicious lies sold to us by mainstream media is the myth of greatness: that greatness is some innate ability within a select few. That is absolutely false. There is no doubt that we all have predispositions to excel in certain fields vs. others. However, that belittles the decades of hard work that goes on behind that scenes that allows for the greatness to occur so seemingly effortlessly. 

Jamal Murray is no exception. He is not only an exceptional player but plays best when it matters most. Is he blessed with the gift to excel under high pressure situations like he Pan American Games last year where he, and 18-year old, led Team Canada to victory against the U.S.A.  It may seem like a gift, but this is absolutely false as I have mentioned in a previous post (read more: How to evolve your nervous system).

So if it is not a gift, how did he evolve his nervous system? Through the use of meditation and kung fu. This is a very similar message that Phil Jackson has been preaching for the last 10-15 years that not only allowed him to improve his own life but help him to lead Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to Championships.


Phil Jackson may have unorthodox methods but the results speak for themselves.

So the next time you come up short in a high stakes environment do NOT lament that you do not have the chops to excel under pressure. You need to train your nervous system! I have posted a lot of content on this blog about how meditation and martial arts has allowed me to not only be a better athlete but more importantly, a better person. However, I could definitely provide a more detailed and easy to follow plan to enable you to integrate it into your daily life and become a clutch performer. Stay tuned for future posts and resources to further help support you.

Be Happy and Chase your Dreams,

Pavan Mehat

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