March 1st 2016: Thought of the Day

“Self actualization or enlightenment is when you are no longer caught up with the good opinions of others. “ – Dr. Wayne Dyer

I had the privilege of attending Douglas Heel’s level 1 Be Activated workshop this weekend in Chicago. It was a life-transforming event. I am definitely looking forward to attending the level 2 workshop and learning more about the nuances of this unreasonably effective technique.

However, near the end of the workshop, Doug quoted Dr. Wayne Dyer when describing enlightenment and self actualization. He related the optimal sequence of athletic movements (Zone 1 -> 2 -> 3) to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. His statement resonated with me at such a deep level not only because of the wisdom in it, but because he actually completely embodied his teachings.

He was unapologetically himself. He did not care if you liked him or not. Almost everyone can deal with someone hating them, but the vast majority cannot handle someone loving them. Just look at all the celebrities that go completely bonkers once they become famous.

Even though I could recognize the truth in his words, unfortunately, there were too many times where I did not have the courage to go against the grain and do what my heart heart told me to do. This is a skill that must be cultivated on a daily basis to live a truly fulfilled life.

Luckily for me, I got the wonderful opportunity to improve on these skills during my plane ride back to Vancouver. Usually on a plane I prefer the aisle seat because I am constantly getting up and pacing up and down the airplane.

However, on the way to Chicago I was assigned the middle seat. Instead of staying true to my nature and asking to get up, I stayed put for the entire flight. Boy did I pay for it. My body felt trashed once I landed in Chicago.

So when I was assigned a middle seat again for my return flight, I had an important decision to make. Was I going to cower to societal pressures to conform or was I going to stay true to myself? I pushed myself through my groundless fears and discomfort and got up multiple times during the flight. The end result: the gentleman next to me was very happy because he got a lot of time with extra room while I was standing, and I felt like a badass once I touched back down in Canada.

This story I just told you may seem inconsequential, but the small things you compromise on will snowball until you live a life that is the complete opposite of what your heart desires to survive and thrive. How you do anything is how you do everything. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you constantly strive to be unapologetically you, because no one else can. As doing so takes a lot of courage and discipline, it will not happen overnight, but is something you must work on every day.

Be Happy and Chase your Dreams,

Pavan Mehat

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