February 18th 2016: Thought of the Day

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I have not posted in a while because I have let fear, my perfectionist tendencies, and paralysis by analysis get the better of me. I have been wanting to create my own website and domain to build a community of like minded individuals who are passionate about becoming self actualized and gaining mastery over themselves in order to serve others. I have just been having troubles actualizing my vision. So if you would happen to have any suggestions, please feel free to connect with me.

But I digress, today’s thought of the day was motivated by my experience at the Canadian Rheumatology Association’s Annual Scientific Meeting. I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to two talks by Dr. James Maas, aka the Sleep Doctor, that completely transformed how I view sleep. I am going to try and get him to answer a few questions and post them on the blog!

Usually I succumb to inertia and do not go up to the speaker after a moving talk to express my gratitude and ask any questions I may have. In the moment I will always come up with bullshit rationalizations, but I always end up regretting it. However, today I confronted my fears head on, and realized how they were completely unsubstantiated. Dr. James Maas was unreasonably patient and kind in answering the slew of questions he faced after his talk.

He answered a couple of key questions I had, and gave me a sample of a natural supplement to aid with sleep after an intense workout. More to come on that later, but keep an eye out if you find yourself up all night after a very intense workout.

Realize that we have been brainwashed by society to think of the world as a dangerous place. Your mind is magnificent and will seek out evidence to support your beliefs, so you do not think you’re insane. Instead, face your fears head on with the mindset of an inverse paranoid: the world is not out to get you, but out to bring positive and loving things your way.

Be Happy and Chase your Dreams,

Pavan Mehat

PS Here are a couple of ways to connect with me if you have any questions or have any specific topics you would like me to address.

Pavan Mehat’s LinkedIn

Pavan Mehat’s Instagram






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