Life is Good by Bert and John Jacobs


Life is not perfect

Life is not easy

but Life is good

I love this introductory quote from the life is good book! This is a wonderful book for anyone at any stage of life, but would be especially useful for someone going through a tough time.

Its core central message is that in today’s world we are inundated with a flood of overwhelming negativity. Undoubtedly there are many things that are wrong in this world, but they are many more wonderful things that never get the time of day from media outlets.

This book is a fight against the negative news cycle, and to inform people of the 10 superpowers that everyone possesses to spread the power of positivity, love and joy throughout the world. What you focus on grows. So if all we hear and see is what is going wrong, and all we talk about is what we do not like, then we will never reach a solution. The essence of this book is simple: become a rational optimist.

How can you become a rational optimist? Below are some actionable items from this wonderful book.

“Get to” vs. “Have to” – How many times do you feel resentment or subtle negativity about having to complete a routine task, such as grocery shopping or doing the dishes? I know I do. What we are doing is focusing on the obligation. A simple but powerful way to transform our experience is to change our language from “I have to” to “I get to”

So instead of “I have to” go grocery shopping, it becomes “I get to” go grocery shopping. I am blessed enough to have two feet and shoes to walk to the store. I am blessed enough to live in an area where I have ready access to an absurd abundance of food. I am blessed enough to have enough financial resources to eat.

“Like me..” – How many times after someone does something “bad” do you instantly judge them and get angry and lack compassion. I know I have. Using the simple phrase “Like me…” helps me reconnect with all that we have in common. For example if someone cuts me off while driving, my initial reaction is to get angry and exclaim they are an asshole. However, I remember that like me they rush when they are running late. Like me they become less aware of their surroundings when they are worried.

The power of fun – I mentioned this in today’s thought of the day (Read More: Nov 28th 2015: Thought of the Day). When we grow up it is easy to forget to feed our inner child because we have more “serious” and “important” work to do. While this may give you short term gains, it will lead to long term decreased performance and burnout.

Like everything in life, our focus and energy levels has cycles. We can not always be in “go mode.” We need periods of intense focus and deep relaxation and fun.

If you do not take time to recharge your batteries you will be unable to fully give your best gifts to the world.

For more insightful and actionable items accompanied with jokes that will have you laughing out loud and moving stories please check out this book.

Be Happy and Chase your Dreams,

Pavan Mehat

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