August 26th 2015: Thought of the Day

“The brain can not distinguish between what is real and what is imagined”

Visualization may seem like a hocus pocus technique but it is anything but that. It is backed by hard science.

Visualization may seem like a hocus pocus technique but it is anything but that. It is backed by hard science.

Today’s thought of the day builds off yesterday’s thought of the day (Read More: Aug 25th 2015: Thought of the Day). I had mentioned that I constantly feed my brain with inspiring and uplifting messages. The wisdom above explains why this is so important because the images you feed your brain are just as powerful as what you experience first hand. Also last night I was reading Creative Visualization and I felt a more complete discussion about the power of visualization was needed.

Although I agreed unequivocally with the explanation about why visualization works in the book, it would not appeal to the more skeptical/rational minded individuals. All the “new age” statements may seem like hogwash, but with an understanding of quantum mechanics it is the only logical conclusion. On the other hand it is not reasonable to expect that the average person is intimate with quantum mechanics. Therefore I would like to expand on a more accessible reason why visualization works.

Lets take a look at vision, one of the most important senses to human beings. Is it our eyes that are seeing or our brain? It is our brains. Our eyes are just the the receptor of choice that converts light into electrical signals. It is our brain that synthesizes the incoming electrical signals to form the “images” we see. It is more accurate to think of our vision as “creating” a scene vs. passively observing the surroundings like a camera would.

The true mind bending realization occurs when one compares the neurological processes that occur in the brain when one visualizes an object vs. actually seeing it. They are exactly the same! This scene from the Matrix is not as far-fetched as it may have seen when you watched it originally.

So I am not refuting the assertions made in Creative Visualization, as I definitely believe they have merit. On the other hand I feel that this explanation about visualization is more accessible and appealing to those who would appreciate a more concrete and rational explanation. However, you may claim that I have tried visualization and it has not worked for me!

The reason that visualization is so effective when done correctly is because it gives your brain evidence to override the current negative self-limiting self beliefs you have that are holding you back. An example of such a negative self-limiting belief is that I do not deserved to be loved. This was most probably ingrained in your brain while you were young (our minds are much more malleable then) and decreed during an emotional time from someone of authority.

With such a belief it will be impossible for you to find a loving partner no matter how hard you try because you will self-sabotage your efforts. Why would you do this, even unconsciously? One of the most important things for your brain to maintain is congruence. If the belief that you do not deserved to be loved is ingrained in your consciousness, anything that occurs in your external world to contradict this belief will cause your brain a great deal of grief and discomfort. It will alleviate this discomfort by self-sabotage, and therefore eliminating the circumstance that is conflicting with your deeply held belief.

So to replace these negative self-limiting beliefs it is NOT just enough to visualize yourself as the person you would like to be. These images MUST be accompanied with enough emotion to cause them to be limibically imprinted into your nervous system. You need to ingrain the feeling of ALREADY being the person you wish to be. You can NOT ingrain the feeling of wanting to be that person,  and expect to ever become that person.

Visualization is a tool in every peak performer’s toolbox. It is used by elite athletes, CEO’s, business moguls, and high performing professionals. You no longer have the excuse of the esoteric explanations as a reason to not give it a try!

Be Happy and Chase your Dreams,

Pavan Mehat

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