August 21st 2015: Thought of the Day

-Steve Martin

-Steve Martin

When I was reflecting on a recent thought of the day (Read More: Aug 19th: 2015 Thought of the Day) the quote above popped into my head. For the majority of people the wisdom I shared earlier resonates with them. However for the cynical minority, they highlight the examples of people leaving their secure corporate jobs to pursue their “passions.” They then fall flat on their face and end up dead broke.

However, these people are NOT truly following their heart. They are unable to surrender and accept the present moment. Therefore, they tend to get caught up in the excitement of chasing something new. No matter how much you love a particular line of work, they are ALWAYS going to be aspects of it that you hate. It is just the nature of life, the pain has to come with the pleasure. The light with the dark. If there was no contrast you could not appreciate the beauty in the world.

To truly follow your heart, you must get present to the moment and surrender to what is. This is the only position of strength in which you can make enlightened decisions to improve your life and this world. But just knowing what your life’s purpose is does NOT mean that it will all magically work out.

To be able to contribute something meaningful to this world you must be great at it. To be able to run your own race, you need to be obsessive about mastering your craft. You do NOT have the luxury of being swayed by capricious praise or malicious criticism. You never do something for the praise or for worldly pleasures. Just like bees make honey, beavers make dams, and lions hunt. Human beings get up and work to create something beautiful that improves this world that gave birth to you.

If you approach your life with this mindset, all your stress will disappear because you realize that nothing external can effect the peace inside of you. If you develop your skills and become excellent at what you do, there will always be people willing to support your dreams. Why? Because you a providing an invaluable service to humanity because so few people ever attempt to master anything in their lives.

Be Happy and Chase your Dreams,

Pavan Mehat

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