August 19th 2015: Thought of the Day

“You must develop the courage to run your own race” – Robin Sharma

Do you constantly feeling as if your always falling behind and chasing other people? STOP trying to live up to others expectations and do what you love as well as you possibly can.

Do you constantly feel as if you are always falling behind and chasing other people? STOP trying to live up to others expectations and do what you love as well as you possibly can.

Again last night I was re-reading the The Monk who sold his Ferrari. I am going to go off on a mini-tangent here, I hope that you are seeing a trend. You should never read a great book only once. You only retain about 30% of the information you read. Therefore, to internalize all the wisdom in a book it I s NOT just good enough to read it like a novel. It needs to be studied as if you were reading it for an English literature class.

But now back to the thought of the day. While I was reading, I came across the quote above and it made me think of yesterday’s thought of the day (Read More: Aug 18th: 2015 Thought of the Day). As I mentioned yesterday, self-mastery is the key to live the life of your dreams.

But if the path to success is self mastery and being true to oneself, then why do so many people get distracted by security and the trappings of the world? They are two main reasons:

  1. We are NOT living our own lives, but instead trying to live up to some fictitious ideal fed down our throats by mainstream media.
  2. We are all tired and scared.

Both these reasons are highly intertwinned and connected. We fall into the trappings of the world and the supposed comforts because we are all tired and scared. We want someone to tell us what to do because the world is a scary place and the well trodden path seems so safe and secure. However, the well trodden path is the most dangerous. 

When you are following your heart, you must be aware of every step and sensitive to anything that may arise. When you take the “secure” route, your senses become dull. You are no longer thinking by yourself but following someone’s path. Once the rug gets pulled out from under you, you are screwed. Its just like all those government employees in Detroit, who thought that sticking with a government job was the safe route because they would have their guaranteed pension. Now that is not the case. You only live once, so you might as well do what you love.

Therefore, the key attribute to develop to be able to run your own race is Courage. How do you develop courage? You need to act in the face of fear. There is this common misconception that courageous people do not feel fear. That is absolutely false. Courageous people are those that act despite their fear. 

The most common fears people have are: the fear of public speaking and the fear of rejection. Therefore, to develop your courage I recommend you face these fears head on. What I recommend is:

  1. Jump at every opportunity to speak in public. If they are no such opportunities at your workplace, sign up to join your local Toastmasters.
  2. The most dreaded fear of rejection is from the opposite sex. Make it a point to ask 5 strangers of the opposite sex for their phone number. Whatever ensues from this DOES NOT matter. What matters it that you are facing your fear. You girls out there need to do this as well! Just do not turn into this guy:

Even if you are lucky to live a long life, it is still extremely fleeting. Make sure you seize the day, and follow your dreams. To do so you must develop the courage to follow your own drumbeat. It is on you to develop your self and go after what you want full throttle.

Be Happy and Chase your Dreams,

Pavan Mehat

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