May 29th 2015: Thought of the Day

This may seem like an unconventional thought of the day, but they are so many amazing lessons to learn from the legendary basketball coach Herb Magee that I just had to share his wisdom with you.

I was ruminating during my daily 6am about the topic of today’s post. Suddenly I thought of the interview posted above. I remember seeing this posted on my Facebook timeline and I was so inspired by his gracious response after such a monumental achievement of being only the second ever NCAA basketball coach to reach 1000 wins. However, the line, out of the many amazing lessons that could be gleaned, that stood out to me the most was:

“However, my Wife and I will be up early tomorrow morning for our daily walk. I am a creature of habit”

Obviously I am biased because as I have mentioned in previous posts (Read More: How to Learn to Play Hard and Learning how to Run by Walking) I think walking is one of the most potent forms of exercise. However,what is more important is the fact that every day NO MATTER what you do some small act that is moving you towards your goals. What separates those that live a happy and fulfilling life that positively impacts others is to do the right thing when they do NOT feel like it. Having small positive daily rituals you perform every day helps train and strengthen your ability to do this.

They are a plethora of other lessons to learn from this legendary coach, and I am sure to write about some of his many other great lessons soon. But if you are eager to study him some more and be inspired check out Herb Magee’s ESPN Feature. However, this is the most important one, which you can take action right now and implement in your life. Choose something simple and small that you will commit to do for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. As I mentioned in a previous post (Read More: Why you MUST make your Bed ) making your bed is a great small habit to begin to cultivate.

Be Happy and Chase your Dreams,

Pavan Mehat


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