May 28th 2015: Thought of the Day

most-people-say-that-is-it-is-the-intellect-which-makes-a-great-scientist-they-are-wrong-it-is-characterThis quote was presented to me in an ethics class I recently finished up at UBC. Even though all my peers and myself were moaning about the class it was surprisingly interesting and deeply concerning at the same time. It is always thought of as academia being where the “pure unbiased” science occurs. But we went through example after example in which research scientist succumbed to the pressure of “publish or perish” and just outright stole or fabricated scientific data for the sole purpose of advancing their career. In addition, their results usually had extremely detrimental effects on patient’s lives, even possibly causing the death of countless of people (for example with all the nonsense about relationship between vaccines and autism)

So it made complete sense that this quote from arguably the greatest scientist came up in class. However, unlike my professor I do not think he was solely discussing about moral behavior but just about who you are as a person.

This quote instantly reminded me of a time before a meet in which Sam and I would both go on to break our personal records for the high jump and triple jump respectively. We both mentioned how great we felt physically, but also how relaxed we felt because of a certain sense of detachment. We did NOT need the amazing result during the competition to validate us. Going out and performing better than we had ever done before did NOT make us better athletes. It was just the outward manifestation of the inner transformation we have made.

So, what Einstein is really trying to point towards is that its the inner reality that is the most important, and then what happens in the external reality logically follows based on the person you have become.

Be Happy and Chase your Dreams,

Pavan Mehat


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