March 30th 2015: Thought of the Day


It is no surprise that such a profound statements comes from one of the most accomplished literary figures of all time. Shakespeare’s works are teaming with so many golden nuggets but this quote is one of my favourites.

This is something I have struggled with, especially during high school. I was so neurotic about being perfect, and if it was not I would react as if the world was ending.

The key underlying assumption that prevents one from accepting the profound wisdom that Shakespeare shares with us is realizing that we can never objectively view the world as it truly is. We are always viewing the world from a subjective view point, and can never be absolutely certain that we have attained the “truth.” If you are interested in delving more into the philosophical debate and the theories behind the nature of reality look more into realism.

However, you may think accepting that you will always have an incomplete and subjective view of the world is extremely dis-empowering. But I would argue it is extremely empowering. Whenever it seems like the world is spinning out of control and everything is going wrong, you may be just laying the ground work for a huge breakthrough! It just seems like things are so bad because you have an incomplete view of the world. Nothing is inherently good or bad in the world. It just is as it is. Everything has its strengths and weaknesses. The key is to see the beauty and cherish everything no matter how “bad” it may seem.

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