March 29th 2015: Thought of the Day

Yanick Moreira going up for the rebound and getting called for a goal tend which costs SMU game.

Yanick Moreira going up for the rebound and getting called for a goaltend which costs SMU the game.

If you have been following the NCAA tournament at all you will most likely instantly recognize the picture above. It is Yanick Moreira going up to attempt to grab the rebound from Bryce Alford’s missed three point attempt. The point of this post is NOT to discuss whether it should of been a goaltend or not. That horse has already been beaten to death, and it does not matter what it truly was because it was called a goaltend and it can not be changed.

To lose a game in such a heartbreaking manner and end such a great collegiate  career by having the refs decide the game is a travesty. But to then have the media pester with you questions about one of your most heartbreaking failures for the whole world to see is unimaginable Nevertheless Yanick Moreira dutifully attended the press conference like a true warrior.  After the reporters were finished asking Larry Brown (the coach of SMU) all the questions they had for him, the first question Yanick Moreira received was:

“Can you talk about that play, the goaltending call?”

If I was in his shoes, I am 100% certain that I wouldn’t have shown such honesty and grace with dealing this challenging situation. Based on his response it demonstrated to me that even though SMU lost to UCLA Yanick Moreira was a true champion.

Yanick Moreira also tweeted apologies to the SMU fans.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 2.27.55 PM

In life there are always circumstances that are going to hinder you, and there will always be someone else to blame. However, if you are truly serious about being the best you can be you MUST take 100% responsibility for what happens to you. Yanick Moreira could have lamented how unfair it was to have his college career ended by a referee but instead he realized that all failures are just learning lessons, even though it can be extremely painful to go through. Failures are the seeds to success and must be embraced and learned from.

Lastly, you may be thinking: hey wait a minute! This Thought of the Day isn’t from some critically appraised piece of literature. Even though many of my future posts may be so. Inspiration and important lessons can be learned from anyone. Everyone is superior to us in some respect. It is essential that we carry this humble approach with us throughout our life and realize that everyone is our teacher.

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