How Plastic Containers could be sapping your manliness from you.

You may think wow Pavan Mehat has really gone off the deep end. Now he is telling us to avoid plastic altogether. Well first of all as I have re-iterated multiple times whatever I write about are just recommendations NOT orders. As Bruce Lee said: “Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.” 

Nevertheless this is something that I am certain that can have a huge effect on your life. Why? It may seem inconsequential but it is the small, easy to forget tasks that are consistently applied that lead to success (aka the compound effect). There is no hoopla or award for doing these small tasks, but your results never lie. You get exactly what you deserve by your previous actions. The inspiration video below that is summarizing some of the pearls of wisdom of Elliot Hulse eloquently describes this concept perfectly.

But your probably thinking what are the cold hard facts that are going to motivated me to make this change? I am NOT going to delve into the details in this post because all information is dead. The only thing that is truly real is your presence and your experiences in this moment. Therefore cultivating awareness of how your environment effects your body is key. As a society as a whole we have really disowned and grown wary of our bodies because it to have betrayed us. But that is not our bodies fault. Our bodies have infinite intelligence inside of it. It is what allows your heart to beat without you consciously thinking about it or how a baby will grow inside of a women’s body without any effort on her part. Our body betrays us because we mistreat it. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.09.03 AM

My mom used to always tell me to use glass containers, and I used to always dismiss here recommendations as my mom just being my mom and loving us too much and worrying about every little thing. But boy was I wrong! I wish I had listened to her back then. But why did I not follow her recommendations before? I had not cultivated the awareness of how damaging plastics has been to my system. 

But you may ask how do you cultivate this awareness. You need to cut out the agent of concern temporarily and then re-introduce it and your body will notice the deleterious effects? Why do you need to do this? Your brain and body have marvelous intelligence which allows them to desensitize yourself to regular and consistent barrages of poison to your body.

I implore that for a week you do NOT drink any water from plastics containers. Afterwards try drinking some water from a conventional plastic water and you will most definitely notice something that is off. The water tasted off. I usually love water, and to have water taste funny to me was very concerning.  I was shocked how easily my body became sensitive enough to be aware of the negative effects of plastics on my system.

Do not get me wrong there is plenty of good hard science detailing the dangers of excessive plastic use. However, this information is not going to provide the driving force to make make long-lasting positive change, but your experience will  give you the impetus to get rid plastics from your life. As I mentioned in a previous post every time you buy something you are casting a vote. Choose to NOT to support products that harm your own health as well as damage the environment.

You may think I am obsessively worrying about trivial things, but I would argue that is absolutely wrong. It’s the little things over time that can transform you life. Below is a nice story about how the small changes can drastically change the path of an airplane travelling to new york. “If the nose of the plane is pointed only 1 percent off course – almost an invisible adjustment when the plane’s sitting on the tarmac in Los Angeles – it will ultimately end up about 150 miles off course, arriving either upstate in Albany or in Dover, Delaware. Such is the case for your habits. A single poor habit, which doesn’t look like much in the moment, can ultimately lead you miles off course from the direction of your goals and the life you desire.” (pg 60 The Compound Effect). Sweat the small things and enjoy the momentous results to come.

Chase your Dreams without Killing Yourself,

Pavan Mehat


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