Having stomach/digestive issues: The simple remedy of cutting out ice-cold water

Note this is going to be a short blog post with some actionable items that you can put into place right now to help improve your digestion and therefore improve your body composition. I also, just want to point out that a lot of my posts I have purposefully not included a vast amount of references in the majority of my articles because throughout my scientific career I have found that a significant proportion of the time when relatively inexperienced scientists reference a lot of articles they are trying to hide the fact that they do not really understand the issue at hand nor have they actually read the sources in their entirety and truly understood the implications of the studies.

Do not get me wrong, in a peer review journal when one is  trying to push our knowledge boundary to its limit it is absolutely essential to be rigorous during every stage of the research process to ensure that our results and conclusions describe the true state of reality as best as possible during this point in time. However, the purpose of this blog is NOT to create some general overarching unifying theory.It is to share suggestions of changes or behaviors which through my own experience (very important) have helped support me in becoming the strongest version of myself. Therefore I have decided to NOT include large amounts of unnecessary reference material because the obstacles preventing you from becoming the best you can be is NOT lack of knowledge but correct action. Remember common knowledge is NOT common action.

However, lets get back to the post. During my Track Career I had suffered some very serious hamstring strains and the recommendation I received from my athletic trainer afterwards was to take 3 Advil pills (600mg) 3-4 times a day. Not only did this delay my recovery (will be a future post about why this is the worst thing you could do after an injury) but it had some serious consequences on my gut health which I am still battling today. Therefore compared to a typical healthy 22 year old my stomach is a lot more sensitive then one would expect. This has motivated me to search for ways to ensure that my digestion process does not go awry.

One simple thing you can do right now to drastically improve you gut health is to cut out all ice-cold water from your diet. I know this may seem asinine, as a cup of ice-cold water is so refreshing after a hard workout. However, if you take your health seriously you will try this out for a week or two, and the amazing results you experience will keep you away from ice cold water for the rest of your life. I will got into the reasons behind this later, but ask yourself do you really need to know the reason why this helps improve your digestion or should you just take action that could have huge payoffs for you?

But you may ask what should I drink if I am not drinking ice cold water? Drink as much warm herbal teas (peppermint is my favorite as it tastes great and really helps bolster your digestion as well). However, if you are not into teas at the very least replace all ice-cold water with water at room temperature.


1. Your body has infinite intelligence inside of it  (for example a baby can grow inside of a women without any conscious direction). Start listening to it and your experiences instead of blindly trusting so called “experts.” Experts are humans and are therefore wrong sometimes as well. 

2. Do NOT Drink ICE Water if you care about your digestive health and want to become the best you can be. 

3. Replace Ice Cold water with the very least water at room temperature. Drinking Herbal teas is the best option if it is possible (I love the taste of peppermint tea and it really helps my digestion). 

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