How to get out of your rut and past your plateau: The importance of mentors

This is a super powerful blog post that can exponentially improve your results. In Zen Buddhism there is this concept of “empty” existence. Nothing exists in of itself. In other words nothing “inherently” exists. For example if you look at a rose, it has red petals, a green steam, roots etc. However, there is nothing that you can point to or find when you open up the rose which encapsulates what a rose is. A rose is the combination of the interdependent interactions of its various components. A rose is not the petals, or its stem, or roots. This may seem obvious, but the implications of it are NOT and it is something that has been lost in modern society. We live in an Interdependent world but increasingly believe that we have complete autonomy over this world.

Misunderstanding of the true essence of the universe may be the one thing (it is still something I struggle with today) that is holding you back from being as happy as you can be and living the life of your dreams. You need to realize that you are never doing something 100% autonomously, even if it feels like it. You need to come to grips with the fact that perception is extremely faulty. A simple example to illuminate this is the myriad of visual illusions we fall prey to. Even if you consciously know of and understand the visual illusion you can NOT prevent yourself from misperceiving the object.

The internalization of this concept will make you realize the importance of finding mentors to help guide you along your way. When making a major life decision, for example when deciding which of the many schools who are recruiting you to attend the MOST important factor that should influence your decision should be how well your future coach/teammates can help foster your development, NOT the reputation of the program, the location, or the facilities.

However, you may say I do NOT have access to highly successful people that want to mentor you. That is NOT a good enough excuse in this day and age because of the rapid advances in technology. We can easily connect and interact with people on different continents on a daily basis. In addition, you always have books, which store and capture the information of some of the greatest minds and allow their wisdom to permeate throughout the world long after they are gone.

I have been blessed in my life so far with amazing mentors, but I was the one actively seeking out mentors and always willing to provide something of value back to my mentors. However, for those of you who can not fathom how to build a meaningful relationship with a mentor I would like to discuss someone who has had a monumental impact on my life and who I consider a mentor but is someone I have not met yet. Elliott Hulse. My cousin sent me a video of Elliott Hulse about 6 months ago (I can not even remember what the video was about), and instantly his energy and openness resonated with me. Even since I have religiously followed his YouTube channels and have learnt so much valuable things about myself. There is no excuse for not having amazing mentors in your life. It is on you to actively seek them out and realize that nothing you accomplish is solely because of yourself.

I hope this article expanded your view the world. Blogs such as these are much more fun and helpful if there is interaction. So please always feel free to reach out to me on facebook or linkedIn (Pavan Mehat) or shoot me an email at if you have any questions or would like to discuss this topic further.

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