Neuroscience of Achievement: Introduction

Why did I write this? 

You may be thinking why the HELL am I writing about neuroscience on a blog about athletics? As I mentioned in a previous post everything is interdependent. The are always cliche’s thrown around about how important the mental aspect is to peak athletic performance. In this segment I will give you the tools to excel both in competition and in life.

This page has been motivated by my inability to perform at my best when I needed to during my athletic career because of self defeating beliefs and the lessons I learned during college and while studying for my MCAT that allowed me to graduate in the top 5% of my class at Boston University and scoring in the 96th percentile on the MCAT while never pulling an all-nighter and simultaneously competing for Boston University’s Division 1 Track and Field Team. I am not listing my academic accomplishments to boast or to make myself seem accomplished. I am listing them because if a dope like myself can accomplish things I never thought possible then you most definitely can! I was considered an average student coming out of high school, and coaches told me I was just not a division one athlete. However, I was relentless, and prioritized working efficiently over just hard which enabled me to achieve things beyond my wildest dreams.

I also, am currently an MCAT instructor for Kaplan and wanted to distill and bring together all my thoughts about how to maximize one’s academic potential in one place so that I can best support my students.

Who can this help? 

This can help anybody who wants to increase their cognitive power, resiliency, and ability to deal with pressure. In other words anyone! 

How to best use this information? 

It is very easy (I have  a very bad habit of doing this) to absorb a lot of information and do more and more research to understand the nuances of a particular topic. However it is NOT what you know but HOW you act upon your knowledge. Therefore feel free to read all of the parts at once, but please spend 3-4 weeks of concentrated effort focused on instituting ONE of the changes I detail below and make it a habit before moving on. This is vital to ensure that these changes are life long habits that will allow you to become the best version of yourself.

I currently use everything detailed below on this page, and they help support me in becoming the best person I can be.

Part I

Part 2

Part 3


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