Cutting Edge Science: How processed foods effect your body.

Below is a very short (4 min)  and powerful TED talk regarding HOW the food processing process effects how foods are handled and digested in your gut. It is readily apparent how much artificial sweeteners and food processing can damage your digestive health and impede digestion of nutrients. Sam wrote a great article recently about food combining, and how important it is to be judicious with how you combine foods because if you are spending too much energy on digesting foods you will not have enough energy for things you want to do. The same things hold true for consuming too much highly processed foods. It can be clearly seen that processed foods take substantially more energy to digest and have plenty of unknown negative effects on your health. I know that the vast quantity of conflicting messages in the fitness and nutrition sphere can be overwhelming, but remember the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. Stick to eating whole foods that your grandma would recognize.


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