Five must-read books for any aspiring athlete!

What you do is much more important than how you do something. For example if you wanted to increase your vertical jump religiously running 10 miles a day with perfect form will not best support you. But haphazardly experimenting with power-lifting would help your vertical much more. Don’t get me wrong it is important to execute what you are doing to the best of your ability but you want to be taking action that will most efficiently support your accomplishment of your goals . The number one barrier to completing the correct/most suitable action is a lack of knowledge. This was 100% true for me and resulted in me working hard but NOT smart. Below are fives books that are absolutely essential for any aspiring athlete if you wish to achieve your full potential.

Note: No Conflict of Interests. I am no way affiliated with any of these authors (although I wish I was!). I am only sharing this list because I believe knowledge is useless unless it is shared.

  1. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy – This book is an absolute life changer. It will completely change how you view things in the world. You need to sweat the small things in life, because small consistent actions compounded over a long time produce magnificent results.
  2. Sleep to Win by Dr. Maas – You spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping. It is a must that you understand what goes on during this phase of your life and understand how you can maximize what you get from sleep to best support your dreams. This book is written by an expert about sleep, who is a professor at Cornell and works with various professional teams.
  3. The 7 Secrets of World Class Athletes by Steven Yellin – This book breaks down what goes on in the nervous system in world class athletes during their peak performances. This book was an absolutely game changer for me and helped me consistently get and stay in the zone during competition. For any athletes struggling with the mental aspects of sport this is a must read.
  4. Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett – Ever wonder why you keep getting injured? This book provides the answers. Kelly does an amazing job of breaking down the bio mechanics of human movement in an easily digestible form that is accessible to all readers. He also does so with his unique sense of humor that makes this book a fun read.
  5. Body Mind Mastery by Dan Milman – This is another transformative book, it delves into the connection between sports, life, and spiritual aspects. The purpose of this book is to delve into how to use sports not only to win games but also to become the best version of yourself.

But what happens if you “don’t have time” to read? 

A lot of people say they don’t have time, but that is usually bullshit. Unless you are a single mother working three jobs and taking care of one or more children then you don’t really have time. Think about all the time you spend on facebook, twitter, Instagram, watching television. If something is really important you will make time for it.

What happens if you really don’t have time and are dealing with some extenuating circumstances?

– Learn how to speed read (will put up a post on this latter on)

– Buy audio books and listen to these great works while driving, walking, doing chores around the house etc.

-Prioritize and eliminate things that are eating away at your time but not contributing to your dreams.

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