How to add years to your life? What Kevin Garnett knows but you do not!

For all my articles I like to have a SparkNotes at the end so if you really pressed for time go check it out but I implore you to read through the entire article at least once! 

What is the most valuable resource in life? It is time. Any material object you can acquire and lose, you can always reacquire. For example if I gave you all the money I have sitting in my bank account right now I know I could make that money back. However, if I waste the next 5 minutes frivolously on facebook there is no way I can EVER get that time back.

So the question is how do you save your time? If you can more efficiently use your time then you in essence “add” more years to your life. There is a whole field devoted to this question: Time Management. Although there is a myriad of great resources in that field there are two things you can do NOW that would effortlessly save you years of wasted time. 

What is one of the most harmful and time wasting things that we all do every day of our lives?


It is not only an absolute life sucker just because it wastes time and reinforces the bad habit of maintaing a negative mindset, but also because of the opportunity costs. If you spend 5 minutes ruminating how unfair the world is you have lost that time to complete something much more productive. This time spent complaining compounds and adds up quite quickly to years and years wasted complaining and fixated in a negative unresourceful state.

How do we solve such an epidemic problem? You immediately think that the solution must be insanely complicated and require an inhumane effort. Absolutely not! The solution is quite simple in fact! 

elastic band

All you do is get an elastic band and wear it around you wrist. Whenever you catch yourself complaining or about to complain just snap the band against your wrist (like in the picture above). This may seem like an insignificant change, but I implore you to try it! I have been doing this for the last week and the positive impact it has had on my life is phenomenal. For the first couple of snaps I pretend to be a tough guy and think to myself it doesn’t hurt. However, after that my wrist was quite sore, and I was really wary of getting my wrist snapped again. So without much effort I was able to drastically curtail my complaining. As a result I am much more optimistic and just enjoy life more. This is a very versatile tool (wrist snapping) that isn’t just limited to prevent your from complaining.

So I mentioned Kevin Garnett in my title and I have made no mention of him in this post yet, I am just blowing smoke out of my ass? No, this technique was first introduced to me by my high school basketball coach who got to see Kevin Garnett practice in person. He always used to wear an elastic band around his wrist, and whenever he would make a defensive error he would snap his wrist with an elastic band. It is no wonder why he is one of the best defensive bigs in basketball. The moral of this story is that success leaves clues, and whenever you get to interact or observe successful athletes and people, pay attention to the little things! This brings up the second thing you can do to save years of your life. Do NOT try to re-invent the wheel. There have been countless of uber successful people before you. Use what they have learned to short circuit your success. These two minor changes will “add” years to your life.


Complaining consumes years of your life

-Use an elastic band and snap it every time you catch yourself complaining to curtail this behavior

-Success leaves clues -> Pay attention to the small things when around successful people.

– Model successful people to save time!

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